Are online courses for FSC worth it?


Online courses for FSC

Intermediate is a time most students wholeheartedly devote their time and energy to predominantly studying, aiming to score high marks. While a large chunk of these pupils are also enrolled in colleges and take regular classes, unfortunately, a college education may not be enough. Most students join academies in the evenings or hire private instructors to provide them with a little extra help.

Though there is nothing wrong with getting extra help, it might be a little heavy on the pocket. Read down below as we explore the prospect of e-learning and how it can contribute to saving money in the long run.

Buckling up:

In contrast to school life, the dynamics of college are completely different. It is a common sentiment in Pakistan (and quite true at that) that teachers run after students in schools to study whereas the case is the opposite in college. Though instructors deliver lectures and impart knowledge, the ball is mainly in the student’s court if they want to take anything away from it.

Intermediate education such as pre-engineering subjects are quite challenging and need undivided attention. To do so, students need to prepare themselves to study hard from the get-go and be on top of what is being taught in class

A little help:

As FSC marks are predominantly the determining factor for getting into respectable institutes, students must work hard. For such high stakes, getting external help like joining academies and hiring home instructors is common. Courses like FSC maths part 1 need to be taught by good teachers and practised regularly by students.

As distractions are many in a classroom, a student may not end up concentrating on what is being taught at the moment. Missing a single lecture may put their progress behind significantly. In such circumstances, it becomes crucial to hire a competent teacher to ensure academic progress is not compromised.


Online course packs for FSC pre-engineering and medical prove to be significantly more cost-effective than private tutors because they only incur a one-time payment. A decent tutor or an academy may charge anywhere from between 5000-10,000 rupees per month whereas a good online FSC course will only be in between 20,000 – 30,000 rupees for a single payment.

These classes are budget-friendly and provide much more value for money as each course or class can be revisited, repeated and revised any time, anywhere and played for as many times as one may require. Furthermore, each class comes with concise notes made by the tutor and the interactive interface allows the student to examine their knowledge in a specific course too.

Additional features make these online FSC courses similar to a real class but with added benefits of accessibility.


Created as a substitute for academies and private tuitions, online courses for FSC pre-medical subjects are reliable and can be used with much versatility and flexibility. The payoff then for an entire purchase also comes out to be more than what a student may spend on academies or tuitions per annum.