FSc Biology Part-I

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About This Course

This course is designed to develop the conceptual knowledge of essential biological topics in interesting and meaningful ways. The course includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject and some current applications of biology. Topics covered include cells, molecules, biodiversity, biotechnology and the environment. Biology is an essential requirement for entry into Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science and related degrees.

Ulearn provide a wide range of support to learners for the best possible preparation of examination and maximise your potential for achieving highest marks. This includes;
  • Tailor made course to address the needs of all provinces of Pakistan including Federal Board and AJK
  • Interactive video lectures using unique teaching technique
  • Customised notes
  • Short questions related to each topic with solution
  • Practice MCQs.
  • Ask your question if you need extra support
  • Group learning space to share good practices
  • Key skills for scoring highest marks in your Intermediate examination by exemplifying and interpreting the concepts
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to thoroughly understand the Biology syllabus and how to deal with questions you've not seen before.

Course Contents

FSc Biology Part 1 

Humans are not the only living things on planet Earth. There is a diverse range of flora and fauna occupying our planet. Tiny living organisms exist in the form of bacteria. Every student has at one point tried to understand how the human body works or what the purpose of a certain plant or animal is in the life cycle. All these answers can be found in the Biology part 1 course but your teacher may have failed to grab your interest. Teach Pakistan has created video lectures that unravel the biological mysteries of the world and help young students understand it better.

Improve Your Understanding of the World with Biology Part 1

Plants, animals, bacteria, and even humans are all part of the miracle of nature. Man has spent years trying to understand them, improve upon them and reap their full benefits. It is through these efforts that we can now get such a wide variety in food, fight off major illnesses and prolong our life. You might think that biology is only a subject for pre-medical students but there are many branches in the field. You can study the evolution of species, how organisms grow and reproduce as well as the mutation of genes and bacteria to create new breeds.

The biology syllabus of FSc Pre-Medical part-1 course is mostly related to microorganisms, plants, and animals. It removes all misconceptions students have about the subject and teaches them about the world that surrounds them. They can study how a simple action or process can nurture or destroy a living thing. Biology is important for teaching the young generation how much power there is in nature. They can learn about nutrition and how important it is to be mindful of what you take into your body. They can also learn about what kind of environment promotes bacterial growth so they can maintain a cleaner and safer environment.

Ulearn’s Teaching Philosophy & Learning Styles

We have proudly blended the old methodology of one-to-one teaching with the latest learning styles as well as techniques. We are providing such interactive online courses and classes where you learn at your own pace. Now you can learn with the legacy teaching pattern of one-mentor-one-pupil yet we are working on how to improve the mass education model.

Since our videos incorporate all learning styles, people inclined towards any of them can benefit a lot from them. They include visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary learning styles. No matter which of the styles suits you the best, our online video lectures have that built in.

Teach Pakistan’s Tools and Methods

Our teaching methods for Biology part 1 are based on real-life case studies. We use colorfully illustrated diagrams and charts to show the inner workings of species and organisms. Our lectures also include examples from case studies, daily life, and popular culture to demonstrate the significance of every concept. We use the story-telling method to grab the student’s attention and help them memorize information by connecting the dots. Every living thing in our ecosystem is dependent on each other and this is how we teach Biology part 1 too. Each lesson depends on the concepts learned in the previous one.

Our teaching methods would not be effective without the latest education tools. We have the lightboard technology which creates a dazzling display for the virtual classroom. This transparent writing board gives a complete view of the teacher while they are writing and makes the class look totally interactive. They also use markers in different colors to draw and write on the board to add a personalized impact. These distinct colors help students differentiate between the different parts of an organism. Our videos are shot in high resolution to ensure that everything is visible to the student. They can replay or pause them as many times as they want. This adds immense flexibility of time for the students to learn.

Everything is Connected

Biology is an interesting subject that covers a wide variety of topics. You will find out that in the end everything is made up of cells and discover how small the world truly is. If you study it with an open mind you will learn that it can be quite fun! From a single cell organism to the mutations found in DNA, each lesson tells a story about the world. With the pieces of this puzzle, you can form a better understanding of our ecosystem.

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