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About This Course

English course at intermediate is a blend of linguistic understanding and literature. The contents cover language analysis, language sounds, grammatical structures, the choice of words, short stories, novel, poetry and drama. Ulearn supports students to maximise their potential and achieve highest marks in the examination. Our unique learning management system includes

  • Tailor made course to address the needs of all provinces of Pakistan including Federal Board and AJK
  • Interactive video lectures using unique teaching technique
  • Customised notes
  • Short questions related to each topic with solution
  • Practice MCQs
  • Ask your question if you need extra support
  • Group learning space to share good practices
  • Key skills for scoring highest marks in your Intermediate examination by exemplifying and interpreting the concepts

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to thoroughly understand the English syllabus at intermediate level and how to deal with questions you've not seen before

Course Contents

FSc English Part 1

Social media, newspapers, movies, and music; you cannot ignore English even while living in Pakistan. It is a language accepted everywhere and is also useful for broadening your understanding of the world. Whether you dream of working for an international organization or travel abroad for leisure, English will help you navigate through unknown territory. Students are often underconfident about their written and spoken language skills which is why we have created a course specifically to help students with the English exam of FSc Pre-Engineering part-1. Our course is designed with the board syllabus and student’s development in mind.

Our Creative Take on English Part 1

Colleges, tuition academies, and other institutions focus on teaching English through a rote learning method. Students are forced to memorize a list of synonyms, letter formats, and grammar rules to help them pass the subject.

Teach Pakistan’s ideology says, this is incredibly damaging to a person’s creative abilities. Our teachers encourage students to come up with unique answers, characters, and situations in their writing. The lessons we teach in our English part 1 online class will stay with you permanently and help you become a better listener, reader, writer, and speaker.

We have teachers who have advanced degrees in English Literature as well as phonetics which allow them to reach the depths of any prose or poem with good accents. Each lesson includes broad questions which will make the student think more about the intention behind each word and phrase. We assist them in developing an understanding of the core message of each piece of writing with our thought-provoking discussions. You will be able to relate to the characters in the story or the author of a poem. Once you complete our course, you will start to enjoy English and find yourself reading these stories and poems for pleasure as well. 

Teaching with the Latest Tools

The tools we use for teaching the English course of ICS part-1 include novel technologies like the lightboard. The transparent surface acts as a blank canvas upon which the instructor can write important points and notes. Since most of the English syllabus is based on emotions and feelings, it is important that the student can always see their teacher’s face. When they focus on how the teacher emphasizes, enunciates, and pronounces certain words, they will find it much easier to copy them. Other aspects that are often hidden by a board or podium are the hand gestures and body language a teacher uses to make their point during a lesson.

With that being said, the course also provides English notes of FSc Pre-Medical part-1 to make it easier for you to learn the definitions of words, rules of punctuation, and format for different types of letters. These notes have a wide range of examples based on topics that will grab the student’s interest. They will also make it a lot easier for the students to remember because we have used them all in a context that will be interesting to their generation. You do not have to read boring sentences about education, technology, or moral lessons.

Teaching that Inspires! 

When it comes to Ulearn’s teaching capabilities, we make sure to provide all kinds of teaching services for the ease of your learning. In this pursuit, we claim to have achieved a very fine quality of our videography by amalgamating two approaches; one to one learning, and the mass education model. So one student can potentially acquire the best form of knowledge in its purest form. We have proudly made this rare amenity of one-to-one learning very commonly available so that students belonging to all social classes can benefit.

Aside from a one-to-one approach, we also make sure to focus on all the latest learning and teaching styles for the ease of students. With our interactive videos, built-in flexibility of time, and unique methods for learning anytime anywhere, we make sure to give you the right knowledge in the right way.

English Can Take You Places!

English is the official language in Pakistan and with our community becoming a global village, its importance is increasing more than ever. We teach students the rules of formal and informal language so they can survive in any situation. If they are applying to an international university or completing an internship in a foreign organization, they will be using these lessons to appear confident and professional.

Do not look at English as another subject you have to clear but as a doorway to exciting new opportunities. Once you realize that, the world is your oyster!

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This Course Includes

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  • Study Notes

  • Short Questions

  • Numerical

  • MCQs

  • 24/7 Support

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