FSc Chemistry Part-II

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Chemistry is often referred to as the central science because it joins together physics, mathematics, biology, medicine, earth and environmental sciences. Chemistry covers a wide variety of basic concepts, fundamental to the subject, the structure of the atom, the interaction of matter and energy, chemical reactions, periodic table and understanding carbon-based molecules for developing your understanding and confidence.
Ulearn provides a wide range of support to learners for the best possible preparation of examination and maximise your potential for achieving highest marks. This includes

  • Tailor made course to address the needs of all provinces of Pakistan including Federal Board and AJK
  • Interactive video lectures using unique teaching technique
  • Customised notes
  • Short questions related to each topic with solution
  • Solved numerical question
  • Practice MCQs
  • Ask your question if you need extra support
  • Group learning space to share good practice
  • Key skills for scoring highest marks in your F.Sc examination by exemplifying and interpreting the concepts

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to thoroughly understand Chemistry syllabus and how to deal with questions you’ve not seen before.

Course Contents

FSc Chemistry Part 2

Alkanes, macromolecules, and transition metals. These are some of the terms that buzz around your head during Chemistry part 2. The level of complexity increases exponentially after you pass the first-year exam. Many say that the Chemistry exam is the ultimate test of any intermediate student and whoever passes it can conquer any challenge. Students are introduced to a dozen different chapters, and they become overwhelmed.

Teach Pakistan has compiled a series of video lectures for students and divided every unit into very easily digestible information. Students will no longer confuse aliphatic hydrocarbons with aromatic hydrocarbons. 

Our Teaching Philosophy for Chemistry Part 2

Our teaching methods stray from the traditional route and we use a number of tools and techniques to make the subject more interesting. The biggest way in which the Chemistry part 2 online course is different from any other e-learning experience is the lightboard. This is the latest technology in academia and lets students focus and make sense of what is written on the board as well as connect with what the instructor is saying.  We use neon markers to make colorful diagrams and write chemical formulae on the transparent surface. Such advanced tools have never been used in Pakistan before for teaching Chemistry.

We take each topic from the periodic table or organic chemistry and create a story about it. Our narratives include examples, labeled diagrams, and anecdotes which will keep the classroom mood light and also help students absorb all the information. Our teachers do not just explain the concept and move on but also give examples of where that chemical can be found and what are its applications. The aim is to educate the next generation of scientists, inventors, and engineers.  We have recorded the video using high-definition equipment and encouraged students to rewatch them as many times as they need.

Learning in The Right Way! 

To get you the right learning techniques, we at Ulearn offer teaching styles that are perfectly well according to your needs. This is why we persistently offer the one-to-one learning style as well. This way, you can always learn from the lessons of Ulearn just the way one learned from a sole educator in the past. This was considered quite a luxury back then but what we offer is this experience combined with the mass learning experience today.

We Teach What We Preach! 

At Ulearn, we always make sure to always teach our students what we preach. This means that the holistic approach of our teaching styles will give you the most astounding information. The way, we provide knowledge is to target all the seven sensorimotor skills of an individual so you can easily grasp the information that you learn. With these seven learning styles, you can very easily learn to conceptualize what you study with our courses. Moreover, we also offer ease of learning anytime anywhere.

Our Tips for Tackling the Syllabus

Chemistry of FSc Pre-Engineering part 2 has a long syllabus that includes 16 chapters, so it can be quite burdensome for any teenager. The best way to tackle the subject is to divide it into sections based on the nature of the topic. You can focus on one section and only move on after you have completely understood all the information. There are many trends and common properties for elements in the same group or row of a periodic table. The key here is to analyze the trends and the logic behind them and that way you will never have trouble with the first 6 chapters.

The other major section of the Chemistry course in FSc Pre-Medical part 2 is organic chemistry. It is often considered the most difficult topic in the entire course. These topics are meant to educate students on how an additional bond or chain can alter the chemical properties of a substance. Drawing the functional formulae of the organic materials is the trickiest part but our course can help simplify it. Once you have understood the difference between alkanes, alkynes, alcohols, and aldehydes, you will have no problem attempting any question related to them in an exam.

Making Your Pace with Chemistry

Students often have a complicated relationship with Chemistry especially during the second year of their intermediate education. However, once they enroll in the ULearn course, they will find out it is not as complicated as they thought. After they have understood the concepts and memorized the formulae, they will realize their fear of Chemistry part 2 was irrational. This information will also be useful to them during university entrance tests and professional degrees in engineering or sciences.

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