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About This Course

English course at intermediate is a blend of linguistic understanding and literature. The contents cover language analysis, language sounds, grammatical structures, the choice of words, short stories, novel, poetry and drama. Ulearn supports students to maximise their potential and achieve highest marks in the examination. Our unique learning management system includes

  • Tailor made course to address the needs of all provinces of Pakistan including Federal Board and AJK
  • Interactive video lectures using unique teaching technique
  • Customised notes
  • Short questions related to each topic with solution
  • Practice MCQs
  • Ask your question if you need extra support
  • Group learning space to share good practices
  • Key skills for scoring highest marks in your Intermediate examination by exemplifying and interpreting the concepts

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to thoroughly understand the English syllabus at intermediate level and how to deal with questions you've not seen before

Course Contents

FSc English Part 2

The Teach Pakistan program focuses a lot on compulsory subjects of your Intermediate degree as they are meant to provide you with the language and interpersonal skills that will help you in the real world. The English language is spoken everywhere in the world and used in official settings all across Pakistan as well. The lessons you learn in the English course of FSc Pre-Engineering part 2 will help you with writing, reading, and speaking in the language. You will be capable of appearing for tests and interviews because this program trains you to comprehend and answer questions asked the English language in written or oral form.

The English Part 2 Syllabus Serves a Bigger Purpose

The English syllabus of FSc Pre-Medical part 2 contains 15 chapters out of which students have to answer a multitude of comprehension questions and perform translation exercises. Each composition is based on an important lesson that is supposed to teach students moral values and educate them on world issues. The essays are based on famous personalities, events from history, and facts of life. They also contain words that are meant to expand a student’s vocabulary. Students also have to read other essays which are meant to teach them how to write on unseen topics during the exam. They can work on improving the grammar, sentence structure, and writing style in these exercises.

The literature section of the English part 2 syllabus contains a book on Seerat-e-Nabvi. It is supposed to help students learn more about the life of The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and improve their comprehension skills. They will be asked several questions from the book. Students need to read it very carefully in order to answer the exam questions correctly. The syllabus also requires students to know how to write formal and informal letters and requests, so they are familiar with the different phrases and appropriate words. They can learn how to communicate in different settings. 

The Methods and Tools We Use to Teach English

Teach Pakistan uses the books and essays included in the syllabus and turns them into short video lectures for the student. In this virtual classroom, you can improve your language skills and learn the proper sentence structure as well as grammar rules. Our instructors have years of experience in the field and have used their time to develop the most successful methodologies. They use examples and stories which are easier to remember and help students memorize important words, rules, and structures. We also have exercised at the end of each lesson to check how much of the information the student has absorbed and digested.

Our videos are recorded using advanced video and sound technology, so students never miss a single word or gesture. We also use a lightboard instead of a whiteboard because the transparent surface lets you see the teacher’s gestures and movements. Our learning environment is completely interactive so students can answer questions and have one-on-one meetings with the instructor when they have trouble with any topic. You will get feedback on the assignments and practice tests taken during the course to help you find out your weaknesses and to help you work on them. 

Learning Capabilities in the best way! 

Ulearn aims at offering quality education with the right means and methods. This is why we always offer courses and learning styles that are perfect for every age. Especially the one-to-one teaching method that we offer is highly appreciative if you have difficulty in learning a single course. For instance, with our interactive video lessons as well, you can easily understand where you need learning and practice. This is how Ulearn offers the ease of interactive learning as well.

Various Learning Styles in Best ways! 

For learning styles, Ulearn has a vast variety of learning methods to apply. However, our most impressive and special method is the seven learning styles. In this method, we target any or all the seven senses of an individual to impart the correct information to them. From visual and kinesthetic to auditory and social, we have learning styles in all these skills. This way, your child will never feel left out from our courses. In addition, our learning styles are also very flexible along with time. 

Boost Your Confidence by Improving Your Language Skills

How you walk, talk, and conduct yourselves in public is entirely dependent on your confidence. A student that is comfortable with communicating in any language will stand taller and upright and will take initiative in conversations. The English course of ICS part 2 will work on not only your exam preparation but help you improve your personality.

Enroll today and see how many doors open for you when you know how to act, speak and listen in a professional setting.

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This Course Includes

  • Video Lectures

  • Study Notes

  • Short Questions

  • Numerical

  • MCQs

  • 24/7 Support

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