Education Minister Instructs a Review of the Fee Structure at Private Schools


Education Minister Instructs a Review of the Fee Structure at Private Schools

Rana Tanvir Hussain, Federal Education Minister, stated that private educational institutions should not be run as enterprises.

In addition, the minister urged private educational institutions to reconsider their fees.

The Minister pledged to achieve 100% literacy while speaking at the award ceremony for students of the Central Annual Examination 2022 (Class 5-8) at Islamabad Model College for Girls F/6-2, which was organized by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). The national capital’s educational institutions are on average.

According to the minister, the performance of federal educational institutions is commendable. However, he emphasised the importance of qualified and well-trained faculty in federal educational institutions.

He also applauded educational institutions for their leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and their current work in the wake of the devastating floods. He also mentioned that the weight of the student luggage had decreased.

He continued by saying that the administration works hard to enrol students in schools. According to the minister, the government would work nonstop to advance education while in office.

He was pleased with the girls’ exam success and noted that it shows they are more capable of working. Anywhere they go, he said, they put in a lot of effort.

The minister emphasised the necessity of concentrating on educational quality. He claimed that over the past six months, a lot of families have asked him to allow their children into public sector educational institutions in the Federal Capital.

“This is mainly because the quality of education at public schools in Islamabad is good, and so people choose government schools,” he explained. He gave the FDE instructions to create a rotational policy for educational institutions.

He claimed that the ministry offers complete support to educational institutions. He also mentioned the numerous issues with the standard of instruction in schools and promised to address them as soon as possible.

He claimed that Shahbaz Sharif put a lot of effort into Punjab’s education system while he was prime minister.

Additionally, he recommended that professors assign homework to students instead of handing them duties in class.