HEC notes violations of DPT eligibility criteria


HEC notes violations of DPT eligibility criteria

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has received strict notice of violations of affiliated colleges and universities’ standards for admission to the Doctor of PhysioTherapy (DPT) program.

This development came after HEC discovered that many affiliated universities and colleges across the country were allowing applicants to be admitted to DPT programs that matched established admissions criteria.

Students with HSSC (Pre-Medical/Health Sciences/Applied Sciences/Basic Medical Sciences or equivalent) grades of 60% or above can be admitted to the DPT program according to the criteria set by HEC.

Students who score less than 60% of students belonging to any combination of the above subjects or any combination of HSSC  I.Com or Arts subjects will be excluded from admission to the DPT program.

In this regard, Hedayatullah Qasi, Deputy Curriculum Director of the High Electoral Commission, said the High Electoral Commission changed the eligibility criteria for his DPT program in June this year.

Last month, the Supreme Electoral Commission warned universities not to offer courses involving clinical applications without university approval.

The committee also changed “Bachelor of Oriental Medicine and Surgery” to “Bachelor of Oriental Medicine” to avoid actual misuse of the term “surgery”.