Media Analyst Salman Abid Visits Ulearn, Discusses Digital Learning Benefits

Ulearn had the distinct honor of hosting a reputable media person”Mr. Salman Abid” and analyst known for his insightful program “Logic with Salman Abid”. During his visit, Mr. Abid engaged in a stimulating exchange of ideas with Ulearn’s leadership, focusing on the profound benefits and critical importance of digital learning in today’s fast-evolving educational landscape.

CEO of Ulearn “Mr. Waseem Ahmed” warmly welcomed Mr. Abid and shared Ulearn’s mission to revolutionize education through innovative digital platforms. They discussed the transformative potential of digital learning tools to enhance accessibility, personalize learning experiences and provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in digital age.

Mr. Abid provided valuable insights into how digital learning can bridge educational gaps and create equitable opportunities for students across various regions.

In recognition of his visit and contributions to the discourse on digital education Mr. Waseem Ahmed presented Mr. Salman Abid with a souvenir. This gesture shows Ulearn’s appreciation for Mr. Abid’s dedication to educational excellence and his support for digital learning initiatives.

The event concluded with a shared vision of leveraging technology to create a more inclusive and effective educational system. Both parties expressed their visions about online education.