Problems Faced By Students Of FSc Part 1


Problems Faced By Students Of FSc Part 1

Matriculating is one of the most enjoyable times of student life. After studying hard for ten years, students feel a keen sense of growing up and becoming adults. A right of passage as one may say it. As this process entails moving on from school and enrolling in a different institute, some students may get caught up in it and lag in academics.

While the inclination to have fun is natural it is very important to focus on studies too. While online classes may have disrupted the normal college experience for intermediate students, things are slowly getting back to normal (physical classes. Read down below as we explore the issues faced by students of FSC year 1 and how they can work on tackling them.

Mistake 1: Losing perspective

One of the biggest mistakes that students of intermediate year one make is not paying attention to their studies. It is quite common to get distracted by the new environment that college life presents. While all of it is a part of growing up and forming lifelong memories, friendships and associations it would be better to prioritise what is important.

How can it be made better?

Enjoying college does not necessarily mean omitting all social gatherings and fun, but rather maintaining a fine balance between the two. If a student is enrolled in an online course for FSC part 1, fortunately, the chances of getting distracted by college life are fairly less. In the hierarchy of priorities, the first and foremost should be studying and then so on and so forth.

Students who are extra keen on extracurricular activities in college can benefit quite a lot by taking a good online FSC course. To score a seat in a top university in Pakistan and abroad, extracurricular activities do count a lot, therefore to ensure that a student does not suffer academically, e-learning can help significantly.

Mistake 2: Academic Misconceptions

At the beginning of FSC part 1, some students are keen on self-studying. Whether it is online classes or physical ones, they are of the view that they will be able to keep up with the pressure of it all. Unfortunately, the courses and syllabus for FSC part 1 are significantly tougher than those of matric, therefore extra help will probably be required.

The mathematics, physics and chemistry courses can be quite nerve-wracking. As college students are predominantly asked for self-study in the intermediate system, the pressure of performing well can be overwhelming and hinder their progress.

How Can it be Made Better?

The clearest and easiest solution would be to join an evening academy or hire a tutor, but both of these can be quite expensive. An alternate solution can be buying a cheap online FSC part 1 course. The course classes can be taken at any time of the day and for however many times a student may require.

Consequently, a student may also visit a previous lecture to understand a concept or misconception.

If buying an online FSC course seems expensive or an unnecessary expense, one must realise that it is an investment in the student’s future. Most universities within Pakistan and abroad will be giving admissions based on FSC scores.