closure of Punjab Textbook Board, conveying the end of an era in educational publishing."

Punjab Textbook Board is Being Shut Down for Good


Punjab Textbook Board is Being Shut Down for Good

Minister Sikandar Hayat has announced the decision to dissolve the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) as part of comprehensive restructuring initiative

During an interview with Samaa TV in Lahore, Minister Hayat outlined plans to consolidate four separate educational institutions into a singular entity. This strategic reorganization aims to streamline governance and improve the efficiency of educational administration under the centralized leadership of the Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz

Elaborating on the reform agenda, Minister Hayat emphasized the merger of the textbook board, Punjab Education Commission, and teacher training institutions into a unified body. He underscored the creation of a dedicated department under the Chief Minister’s supervision, encompassing all four sectors of education.

The integration of curriculum development within this restructured framework marks a significant departure from the previous decentralized approach.

Under the revamped structure, direct oversight of the education department will be assumed by the Chief Minister of Punjab. Minister Hayat also announced plans to incorporate individuals from private educational institutions into the department, fostering collaboration and expertise exchange.

Crucially, Minister Hayat stressed the active involvement of educators and stakeholders at all levels in the reform process. He emphasized the importance of incorporating teachers’ expertise and insights into the curriculum development process, ensuring that educational materials meet rigorous quality standards.

Furthermore, Minister Hayat reaffirmed the commitment to soliciting feedback from teachers and students for the continuous evaluation and enhancement of textbooks and examination papers. The emphasis on inclusivity and quality assurance underscores the government’s dedication to fostering excellence in Punjab’s educational landscape.

Courtesy: Propakistani