Ulearn Leaders Brief AJK Officials on E-Learning and Teach Pakistan Project

In an enlightening session held at Kashmir House, Islamabad,CEO of Ulearn “Mr. Waseem Ahmed”and Director of Ulearn “Dr. Muddassar Natt”delivered an insightful briefing on the future of education through e-learning and the Teach Pakistan project. The session was specifically arranged for the esteemed Additional Secretary of Education Azad Kashmir, the Director General of Education, and key members of the AJK Finance Department.

“During the briefing, Mr. Waseem Ahmed and Dr. Muddassar Natt highlighted the transformative potential of e-learning in today’s digital age. They explained how e-learning platforms can change education by making high-quality resources accessible to students irrespective of their geographical location.

The Teach Pakistan project was a focal point of the session.Ulearn leaders show their mission of empowering students across Pakistan. The Additional Secretary of Education, DG Education, and AJK Finance Department members were highly engaged throughout the session. They appreciated the detailed insights provided by the Ulearn team and recognized the critical role of e-learning in enhancing educational standards and accessibility in Azad Kashmir.

This event marked a significant step towards a collaborative relationship between Ulearn and the educational authorities of Azad Kashmir. At ulearn we are providing online courses for students. These courses include pre-recorded lectures, live lectures, comprehensive notes and test sessions.So don’t miss out opportunity and get benefit of this step.