Ulearn Teams Joins Pakistan’s Youth Parliament Hosts Symposium on Environmental Innovation

In an inspiring celebration of World Environment Day 2024, the Pakistan Youth Parliament in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan” and Lahore University of Biological and Applied Sciences (UBAS) organized a one-day symposium on “Environmental Innovation and Advocacy” at Lahore Medical and Dental College.

The event commenced with a meaningful plantation drive and the installation of bird feeders, setting a proactive tone for the day. Esteemed keynote speakers graced the event, including Prof. Dr. Sajjad Hayder Shaikh, Former Director of the Environment Department at UET Lahore, Dr. Ejaz Nazir, General Secretary of Alkhidmat Foundation Lahore, Prof. Dr. Naeem Naqi, Vice Chancellor of UBAS, and Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, Executive Director of PGC Group.

The symposium’s opening session was honored by the presence of Mr. Rana Sikandar Hayat, Minister of Education, Punjab, while the closing session featured H.E. Qasim Ali Khan, Former Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, as the chief guest.

Two insightful panel discussions were the highlights of the symposium. The first panel, “Alarming Threat of Climate Change: Role of Academia,” was moderated by Mr. Hassaan bin Saadat and included distinguished speakers such as Dr. Muddassar Natt, Former Advisor to the Royal Agency for Environment UK (Ulearn), Dr. Younas Zahid, Former Director EPD, Dr. Muhammad Asim from FPCCI, and Dr. Asifa from GCU Lahore. This discussion emphasized the critical role that academia plays in addressing climate change.

The second panel, “Engaging Stakeholders for Climate Change Awareness,” featured Ms. Saba Rana, Deputy Executive Officer of Punjab Safe Cities Authority, Mr. Wajahat from Milkar Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Waseem, CEO of ULearn, and Mr. Shiraz Hasnat, Senior Vice President of Lahore Press Club. This session focused on the importance of stakeholder engagement in raising climate change awareness.

Outstanding contributions to environmental advocacy and innovation were recognized, with special accolades given to Ms. Sheeza Arshad and Mr. Tauseef for their exemplary efforts. Mr. Muhammad Abubakar, Symposium Secretary and President of the Pakistan Youth Parliament, emphasized the collective responsibility to educate the younger generation on climate change. He underscored the importance of integrating environmental education into the curriculum and strengthening legal frameworks to combat climate change. In a gesture of appreciation, mementos were presented to Mr. Rana Sikandar Hayat and H.E. Qasim Ali Khan.

Mr. Waseem Ahmed contributed meaningfully to the event by planting a tree during the opening plantation drive, symbolizing ULearn’s commitment to a greener future. The symposium commenced with this symbolic gesture, setting the tone for a day focused on environmental advocacy and innovation.

The symposium successfully underscored the pivotal role of education, innovation, and collaborative efforts in addressing climate change, fostering a collective commitment to creating a sustainable future.