Ulearn’s Inspiring Meeting with GCWU Sialkot VC

Ulearn Director Dr. Muddassar Natt and his team recently had a remarkable meeting with Prof. Dr. Zarrin Fatima Rizvi” the esteemed Vice Chancellor of Government College University for Women (GCWU) in Sialkot”. In this meeting they discussed online education as the future of education.

In meeting Prof. Dr. Rizvi’s great dedication to academic excellence was evident as she shared her profound belief in the transformative power of education. Her vision for the future of education proves the importance of e-learning and technology-driven approaches that will empower both students and institutions.

In this meeting fruitful ideas for advancing education exchanged. As Ulearn continues to collaborate with academic institutions like GCWU Sialkot, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in Pakistan.As ulearn is Pakistan’s best online education plateform it offers online courses for you. All these courses are delivered by using glass board teaching style. Now ulearn has collaborated with GC University Sialkot. So don’t miss out opportunity and get benefits of this education.