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About This Course

The Intermediate Physics syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts applications of physics and practical skills which are fundamental to the subject. The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to future career paths. Ulearn supports students to maximise their potential and achieve highest marks in the examination. Our unique learning management system includes

  • Tailor made course to address the needs of all provinces of Pakistan including Federal Board and AJK
  • Interactive video lectures using unique teaching technique
  • Customised notes
  • Short questions related to each topic with solution
  • Solved numerical question
  • Practice MCQs
  • Ask your question if you need extra support
  • Group learning space to share good practice
  • Key skills for scoring highest marks in your F.Sc examination by exemplifying and interpreting the concepts

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to thoroughly understand Physics syllabus and how to deal with questions you’ve not seen before.

Course Contents

FSc Physics part 2

Now that you have conquered the first part of the Physics exam, you are ready to level up to Physics part 2. If you did well in the board papers, then you already have a strong foundation for the upcoming challenge and even if you failed to secure a high grade, there is still time to salvage your result. Teach Pakistan has created the Physics course for FSc Pre-Medical part 2 to help students complete their intermediate education with the highest marks possible. We have designed lectures for all the topics and used interesting examples and exciting current research to add the element of fun!

The Advanced Topics Covered in Physics Part 2 

The Physics course for FSc Pre-Engineering part 2 includes many specialized topics like electronics, nuclear physics, and atomic spectra which will give students a sneak preview of what they will be studying if they pursue a degree in Engineering. The first few chapters exclusively deal with electricity, magnetism, and current to educate students on the basic principle of this phenomenon we use in our daily lives. When they learn the working principle of motors, generators, and other devices they can come up with ideas and inventions of their own.

The ideas taught in modern physics are based on quantum mechanics and the behavior of small particles. These ideas were developed in the 19th century but are still studied because they help us answer questions about space and the universe. Broad topics like nuclear physics are about how we use radioactive materials to execute powerful reactions. Even if a student does not want to pursue physics in their further education, these chapters will interest them because they will learn more about current scientific questions and research experiments. They will come to appreciate the work research scientists do to improve the quality of life for everyone else.

What’s New About Our Teaching Methods?

We teach Physics part 2 with a hands-on approach and do not limit ourselves to notes and diagrams. We use examples that are easy to understand so the concept lodges itself inside your brain. We make sure to reference the latest news in Physics wherever we can, so our students know how fast-paced the research world is. To help students visualize, we use the lightboard instead of the boring old white or blackboard for writing. Our markers also come in exciting neon colors so you can differentiate between different components in a diagram and also see clearly.

The lightboard is see-through so you can also see the teacher’s expressions and hand gestures while he is teaching. This is very useful for a subject like Physics in ICS part 2 where the teacher has to demonstrate rules and theorems like Flemming’s Left Hand Rule with their hands. The videos are shot in high-definition to ensure that you are able to see everything clearly. With the pause, rewind, and forward controls, students can watch a lesson as many times as it takes for them to understand. Each lesson is followed by an exercise to make sure that you remember whatever you saw in the video.

The right Pedagogy for Learning! 

For Ulearn’s teaching program, the company has taken amazing steps. This is also why they are using the one-to-one learning method to get the correct learning information to the right person. Moreover, with this method, you will also realize the importance of the kind of knowledge you accurately need to learn things on your own. Apart from this, one on one learning also provides the student to introspect on what is the right learning method for their sake.

Styles That Will Take you a long way! 

When we talk about styles, we mean learning styles or capabilities. At Ulearn we always target those teaching styles that are easy for the student. Among these, we especially focus on the seven learning styles because that holistically explains the seven ways you can learn the right information. These seven ways also mean your seven senses are involved in learning. Therefore, this method of teaching is the most complete as well. It involves visual, aural, and physical to social learning techniques as well. 

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The Physics part 2 online course is in high demand because it is one of the most complex FSc subjects. Our instructors have years of experience and know-how to break down every theory in a way that is easy for the students. This is your gateway towards scoring high in Physics and getting admission to any engineering, medical, or IT college you desire.

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