Students are still without books: Is the failure of Lahore District Education Authority?


Students are still without books:

Students of grades 6th, 7th and 8th are still deprived of their course books where their summer vacations are also about to end. The situation started a few months back when inflation took the country over. Due to the price hikes, the printing of books was postponed. This led to a serious shortage of the course books for students. The matter was repressed as the students were having their summer vacations and there was still some time for the authorities to work on this shortage.But now, as the vacations are approaching their end, the situation has become grave. The students’ academic activities are to be affected by this. With the prevailing situation, Punjab Teachers Union has requested the government to extend the summer vacations for another two weeks. The authorities have, however, declared the availability of books before 1st of August in order to foster a smooth study environment for the students.


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